Stone Soup: An Old Tale by Marcia Brown

Stone Soup: An Old Tale by Marcia Brown


Publishing: Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York, 1947

Awards: 1948 Caldecott Honor Book

Description: A trio of tired, hungry soldiers coming back from the war stop in a small village to ask for something to eat. The villagers, seeing the men coming, hide all of their food away and tell the soldiers they don’t have any when asked. The soldiers come up with a plan to make “Stone soup” and in doing so trick the villagers to bring out the ingredients for the soup. The town is fooled, they have a large feast with the soup, bread, and cider, then they dance the night away. They let the soldiers sleep in their homes, and the soldiers leave the next day full and well-rested with the townspeople none the wiser.

Programming: Before reading, ask students to tell you about soups they have eaten and what ingredients go in them, maybe even read some recipes. After reading, recap and have them explain how the soldiers tricked the townspeople. If possible, make your own soup.


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