Time Flies by Eric Rohmann

Time Flies by Eric Rohmann


Publishing: Crowne Publishers, New York, 1994

Awards: Caldecott Honor

Description: This wordless picture book shows a bird flying around dinosaur skeletons in museums. As pages turn the reader sees the bird with the dinosaurs in their heyday. When the little bird is swallowed, however, he comes out on the other side of the skeleton. This book makes a bridge between then and now and beautifully expresses the passage of time.

Programming: This would be a good segue for discussing different types of dinosaurs, and especially, when it was that they roamed the earth. Activities might include a pretend excavation or a report on a type of dinosaur.

Dinosaur vs. The Library by Bob Shea

Dinosaur vs. The Library by Bob Shea


Publishing: Disney (Hyperion), New York, 2011

Description: Dinosaur walks along convincing everyone he meets to roar instead of make their own noises. This is considered “winning.” However, when he goes to the library he must use his “inside roar” and be quiet during story time. In the end it is decided that “The library wins! Okay, they both win.” The pages of this book are colorful, with black outline drawings. The text is minimal, creating (for me) the effect of it being too much effect with too little substance.

Programming: This would be good for the beginning of the year when discussing library procedures with students and the reasons that rules are in place. Students might be able to draft their own rules for the library.